Benita Gibb

I am 62 years old and have been an insulin-dependent diabetic for 60 years. I have for some years had a blood circulatory problem in my legs and feet and have tried numerous products for this health problem. I have for some years taken another product which greatly assisted but have had to stop buying this product as like most pensioners these days I am now unable to afford additional expenses. As I had stopped using the opposition product, I could feel that my legs and feet were not as comfortable as they used to be. On a visit to Clicks, I asked an assistant about antioxidants and she immediately gave me Oxiprovin. I am thrilled that your product is working wonderfully and blood circulation has definitely improved after 3 months. I will recommend that your product be taken by absolutely everyone, even if they do not have a specific health problem! Thank you for developing Oxiprovin.